来自校园电话:分机. 366
From any phone: (207) 283-0176


Counseling can be sought for a variety of reasons — stress; anxiety; depression; adjusting to college or a new academic program; relationship issues; loneliness/homesickness; loss of confidence or self-esteem; food, 吃, and body issues; sexual issues; alcohol/drug use; anger management; difficult family situation; grief/loss; sleep issues; sexual assault — and everyone expresses their concerns in different ways.


Individual counseling sessions are typically 50 minutes long. 在与咨询师会面之前,你必须填写治疗同意书和保密表格, you will be asked to complete an initial assessment.


You can generally be seen within a week of your initial request. Under emergency circumstances, you can often be seen on the same day. 对我们来说,寻求我们服务的学生是出于自己的选择,这一点很重要, so we require all students to make their own appointments.

在第一次会议期间, 你的临床医生会帮助你澄清和促进处理你的担忧的方法. Based on the information presented, they will discuss recommendations for continued health and wellness. If needed, your counselor may discuss referrals to services off-campus.


You may schedule an appointment by emailing, calling, or stopping by our office. You will be asked to complete confidential forms prior to your first visit. 这包括一份知情同意书和回答一些正规澳门赌场网络你所关心的问题, which takes about 10–15 minutes.


As a UNE student, there is no fee for you to use the 学生辅导中心. Your health insurance company is not notified or billed for our services.


Counseling sessions are confidential, and not part of your academic record.

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An off-campus resource, available 24 hours/day at 1 (888) 568-1112.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Call 988 or text “首页” to 741741.

如果你是波特兰或比德福德校区附属的学生,目前正在经历心理健康危机, 你可以拨打(207)602-2549,然后按6,联系正规澳门赌场网络的随叫随到辅导员.

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Sessions are scheduled by appointment, and we respond to emergencies and crises.

任命 are in-person on both our Biddeford and Portland campuses. Virtual telehealth appointments are available if needed.

Counseling provides a safe environment to express your concerns, such as
  • Adjusting to college or new academic rigors
  • 管理愤怒
  • 焦虑和压力
  • 职业/职业问题
  • 对某人的关心
  • 自信和自尊
  • 抑郁症
  • 金融问题
  • 性别认同
  • 悲伤或失落
  • 健康
  • 营养
  • 怀孕
  • 的关系
  • 有自伤行为
  • 性取向
  • 性暴力
  • 睡眠卫生
  • 物质使用
  • 自杀的念头
  • 创伤
  • 暴力
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Our staff is specially trained in group dynamics, 解决冲突, and interpersonal communication.

We provide consultation to students, staff, and faculty groups. 我们的辅导员也可以为教师提供培训和各种研讨会, 专业人员, and students of the University community.



与我们分享的信息与学习记录分开保存,未经您的书面同意,我们不会发布, 但以下情况除外:如果有迹象表明对自己或他人造成伤害, if there is an indication of abuse to a child or incapacitated elder, or if the court subpoenas the record.

Learn more about confidentiality

保密是咨询的基本要素,也是你最重要的权利之一. Within certain legally defined limitations, 在咨询过程中,您透露的任何信息或从其他来源了解到的有关您的信息将严格保密,未经您的书面许可,不会透露给任何其他人或机构. If a request for information about you is made, we will discuss it with you, 如果可能的话, even if you have already signed a release. 然而, since this policy does have some exceptions, you should read the following information very carefully.

咨询专业的标准要求你的咨询师保留治疗记录. 这些记录可以增强我们为您提供适当治疗的能力,并且通常对您可能咨询的个人或其他咨询师有用. 你的辅导员会限制记录中包含的信息,以最大限度地保护你的隐私.

  • 如果你要求的话, your counselor will provide you, or an individual that you designate, 你的记录摘要.
  • If you desire, you have the right to review your treatment records. 这是学生咨询中心的政策,你在审查之前讨论你的请求的原因,当你检查记录时,你的辅导员在场.

你应该意识到, 然而, 在某些情况下,法律可能要求你的咨询师在未经你允许的情况下向其他人或机构透露咨询过程中获得的信息. 第一种情况是,如果你威胁要对他人或自己造成严重的身体伤害. 第二种情况是法院发布法庭命令,要求提供特定信息. Such court-ordered breaches of confidentiality are rare. 如果您对此有疑问或担忧,请与您的辅导员讨论. 除了, 根据法律规定,你的辅导员必须报告疑似虐待/忽视儿童或无行为能力成人的情况.

有时,你的咨询师可能需要咨询其他专业咨询师正规澳门赌场网络你的治疗. 在这些情况下, 我们将以敏感和机智的态度对待你与辅导员分享的任何信息.

Arrangements to consult via email may be made with your counselor. 不像个人咨询, 然而, 我们无法保证您与我们的电子邮件通信的保密性.

您是否需要进一步澄清我们提供的保密或其他方面的咨询服务, 我们鼓励你与你的辅导员和/或助理教务长和咨询主任讨论这些问题, Hahna D. 帕特森,小组.D., LCPC.


As a client, you have the right:

  • 期望心理学家/临床咨询师符合州法律要求的资格要求.
  • 查阅各牌照委员会保存的载有心理学家/临床咨询师资格证书的公开纪录.
  • To obtain a copy of the Codes of Ethics.
  • To report complaints to the licensing boards.
  • 获取有关您的病例记录的信息,并向您清楚而直接地解释这些信息.
  • To expect complete confidentiality except as required by law.
  • 拒绝任何推荐的服务,并被告知这种行为的后果.

咨询的实践是由专业和金融监管部门监管的. Complaints can be registered as follows:

Board of Counseling Professionals Licensure




8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Our first counseling session of the day begins at 9 a.m. and our last session of the day begins at 3 p.m.


(207) 602-2549


(207) 602-2549